Schloss Charlottenburg - Charlottenburg Palace

View due north

1 Former royal stables of the palace
2 Scharf-Gerstenberg Collection (former Garde-du-Corps barracks)
3 "Picasso and his time" - Berggruen Collection with paintings by Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee and Edvard Munch (former Garde-du-Corps barracks)
4 Bröhan-Museum - museum of art and objects of everyday life from the 20th century
5 Small Orangery (former gardener's residence)
6 Former Palace Theatre  
7 Great Orangery 
8 Charlottenburg Palace "Old Palace"
9 New Wing
10 New Pavillon  
11 Spree river
12 Palace gardens
13 Carp pond
14 Belvedere 
15 Mausoleum