The New Commercial Development at Potsdamer Platz

1 Culture Forum
The Culture Forum is one of the central museum locations of Berlin, begun in the 1960s in an area of West Berlin close to the Berlin Wall.
2 Quarter Potsdamer Platz
The old buildings in the area were severely damaged during WW II and subsequently demolished. The Daimler Corporation (previously Daimler-Benz) commissioned nineteen buildings, which were erected between 1994 and 1998, and sold to the SEB Bank in 2008.
3 Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz
4 Site of the Beisheim Center
The German billionaire Otto Beisheim had five buildings erected on this site, completed in 2004.
5 Potsdamer Platz
6 Leipziger Platz
The historic buildings at Leipziger Platz were torn down after severe war damage in WW II. The area was then part of the inaccessible border strip that separated East Berlin from West Berlin. Leipziger Platz has been recreated in its original octagonal form.
7 Park Kolonnaden
HVB Projekt developed the project "Park Kolonnaden".

Date of picture: 21st August 2000, view from the south-east.